Thanko Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger will juice up your gadgets as you pedal

Portable chargers for electric bikes have been mushrooming everywhere but not so much for those pedal-driven ones. Nokia had earlier unveiled their Bicycle Charger Kit which would let cyclists use their own pedal power to juice their up their handsets. The Japanese giant of everything, Thanko, introduced something similar, called the Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger, for your perpetually-power-hungry mobile devices.

The contraption here made up of a dynamo that sits on the front or rear fork of your bicycle, the charging unit with the USB port and a thoughtful mobile device holder which can be securely strapped to your bicycle’s handle bar. So as you ride, the dynamo generates power from the rotating tire and relays it through a meter long cable to the charging unit. It will be juice up any USB powered mobile device like iPhone/iPod, smartphone or even your GPS device. The absence of a an internal battery to store the excess power could make you frown but this still a good start for those folks who have bicycle as their primary means of transportation.
It is available in Japan only for now for about US$26 equivalent. If you want it real bad, you will have to fly all the way there but you might as well travel back with a truckload of these and give it away as Christmas gift to your friends.