The Smart Rope adds LEDs and Bluetooth tracking to your skipping

If we’re in 2016, why should you work out be fashioned like that of 1996? Smartphone integration has seeped into just about everything and the Smart Rope is no exception. It is studded with LEDs that create a little live counter, mid-air, displaying the number of jumps you make. That’s not all. It also leverage Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy communication to connect with the accompanying app on your smartphone to give you an update of how many calories you have burned. Put all of this in one sleek, futuristic pack and it makes for the best gift you could give a fitness buff.

It goes without saying that the makers encourage use of the rope on smooth surfaces. The 23 LEDs form the figures that indicate the number of jumps mid-air. The rope is powered by a Li-ion battery that charges using micro USB connectivity. A single, full charge will last you about 36 hours of continuous use. The $90 Smart Rope comes with a soft grip accessory that is available for purchase separately.



[ Via : Thegrommet ]