The Smartwatch Trend

Fashion and technology evolve rapidly. Fashion does not limit to apparel, perfumes, or designer bags. In a broader sense, technology is always in vogue. One of the latest trends in technology nowadays is the innovation of smartwatches. A smartwatch is a wearable computer that has a digital wristwatch feature that tells time.

Smartwatches are unique and are considered stand-alone devices. Since it is a wearable computer watch, people can browse the internet, check their social media and do some online gaming as well.

A smartwatch is a watch that has a special feature because it also functions like a small computer. Interestingly, smartwatches started in the ’80s by Seiko and it was named The Data 2000 watch hence it has an external keyboard for data entry which was in tune with the smartwatch. At present, smartwatches are now used by many and it does not only function as digital watch and gives an alarm but it also has special functions which monitor the health condition and wellness of the wearer. It also monitors weight control, plays music, and accesses social media.

Via Unsplash / @sabina_ciesielska

Other features of a smartwatch
· Health information
One of the best features a smartwatch can have is its ability to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, temperature level, and blood oxygen level of the wearer. People nowadays particularly the millennials and Gen Z are very conscious of their health hence this type of gadget is beneficial to them.

· Accessibility to Digital Wallet and other online banking/payment system
One of the best attributes of a smartwatch is the capability of transacting money like deposits and payouts thru the digital wallet available in the location of the wearer through thru banking method.

· Since any social media can be accessed in the smartwatch hence chatting and video calls are possible as long as its notifications are synchronized with other gadgets’ particularly smartphones.

· The wearer can upload and/or download photos, music, games, videos, and other entertainment selections.

· Availability of location features like GPS tracking which is beneficial for people who love traveling.

These features can also be found in smartphones so the wearer can go about with their daily routines such as jogging or going to the gym without being bothered by carrying a smartphone or any communication device. The best part here is any physical activities the wearer has incurred can be monitored by your smartwatch for the wearer’s awareness.

Some characteristics of smartwatches are intended for special use such as special satellite navigation, GPS-powered maps, weather tracking, and special logbooks for pilots, particularly the air force. Police officers and firefighters can receive alerts from their smartwatch special applications.

Other options available in smartwatches for specific uses:
· Visual Aid
Some smartwatches have specific features like Braille watches to help blind or people who have other visual issues tell time and receive notifications.

· Diving and swimming
These waterproof smartwatches aid divers to tell important indicators like temperature, time, and depth.

· Extreme outdoor activities
These activities include climbing at high altitudes, kayaking and/or rock climbing, and many others. Some smartwatches are designed for durability hence they can withstand changes in weather, dust, and water. It also monitors vital signs and gives weather forecasts.

Smartwatches stand their name which is as intelligent devices in their own right. It is a practical trend used by the people of today that has the potential to evolve in the future.