The Party Ice Luge is cool

ice_luge.jpgDowning Tequila Shots and hopping is quite passé, the latest fad doing the rounds is the Shot Luge. For those who haven’t sampled this latest way of getting high on life, let me explain: the contraption is a giant ice block that has carved out luge trails that carry a heady mix of something deliciously alcoholic from the top of the slope down to your waiting shot glass or mouth. Not a D-I-Y kinda thing, so incase you want one you can simply get the Party Ice Luge which is quite similar and on a smaller scale. You need to fill the plastic mold with water, freeze for 24 hours and bang out the newly formed ice mold. Flip it over and place it on top of the lime green base. Let the fun times begin as you and your buddies proceed to race your shots down the slopes.

The Party Ice Luge is made from durable clear plastic mold with lime-green base. It measures 17 by 14-1/2 inches and costs $23.