The worlds biggest private jet is worth a cool $300 million

If you’ve got qualms about where you could possibly dump your Rolls Royce when you’re flying for a holiday in Jamaica, then here’s an answer. This stunning aircraft can easily be tagged as the world’s most luxurious private jet, adding to its prior claim of being the biggest. What makes it impossibly good is the parking space for your Rolls Royce, stunning spiral staircases that connect the decks, plush guest rooms, a boardroom for meeting while on flight and a concert room to unwind with your business partners after all the paperwork and meetings. It has a capacity for 600 passengers! If all this isn’t enough, then get a load of this: a steam room to calm those jetlagged nerves, a wellbeing room to feast your eyes on a massive glass floor to show over what exactly you’re flying, and lifts and spiraling staircases to connect the various floors.

Never before have I been so spellbound by a luxury private jet. Surely we have something that’s got more than meets the eye here. Among the most illustrious clients for this one, we have the Saudi Prince. Surely, the mere £300 million (~$478 million) pricetag won’t empty his royal treasury.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]