These beer-cooling mugs keep your cans chilled

A cold beer is a luxury on warm days. Keeping your beer cool is a major challenge with the sun continuously negating your cooling efforts. That’s when you need to get your hands on something as effective as these cooling mugs. The crowdfunded idea will bring into life some coolant mugs that accommodate a beer can and effectively keep it cool, irrespective of the temperature outside. The coolant is basically an insulation surface that makes sure that the coolness isn’t lost in heat exchange. This saves space in the cooler for other happy things such as bacon and frozen steak. There are 350 ml and 500 ml variants of the mugs.

The idea is good but doesn’t match former entries that championed the cause of cooling beer. We especially liked the array of USB-powered micro-refrigerators that cooled beer while you worked away on your desk. And these came out about nine years ago!

[ Via : Itmedia ]