These glasses let you peep into your phone without looking directly at it

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Yes, that was quite a necessarily-verbose headline that brought you here. However, you must give due credit to those who do not miss out an opportunity to think differently. These cool glasses are specially designed for those who do not want to be caught staring down into their phones constantly. As a result, there’s a little mirrored roof on the glasses that reflects a phone that is placed perpendicular to your position, along your abdomen level. While the inappropriate uses may be brewing in your mind, their idea of fiddling with your phone without having to look down at it for a long period is simply exciting. It’s strain-free for your neck and ensures that the people you are pretending to ‘listen’ to aren’t offended while you fiddle away. Ergonomically, the idea of reading a book that is placed vertically along your abdomen area (up to you to figure out how) , without straining your neck, is an attractive proposition.

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You could also lie on your back and watch TV without worrying about switching sides, thanks to an aching neck. It costs about 999 Yen (under $9).
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[ Available at : Donya ]