This decapitated R2-D2 head is actually a Bluetooth Speaker

decapitated R2-D2 head Bluetooth Speaker 25
In with the Star Wars gadgets! The movie release is not far away and we’re seeing a constant inflow of amazing tribute memorabilia. Take this subtly grotesque yet inspiring R2-D2 head for instance. What looks like the remnant of some struggle is actually an elegant wireless Bluetooth speaker that glows ominously. All you need to be is brave enough to turn one of them knobs and voila, the music begins to play. That’s not all. ThinkGeek also mention that the speaker will double up as a speakerphone, which means that you can speak to that decapitated R2-D2 head and it will respond with your loved one’s voice.

decapitated R2-D2 head Bluetooth Speaker 1
It is easy to pair with your Bluetooth devices, just like a regular wireless speaker, and control the playback and volume by using the knobs and buttons on its being. The R2-D2 wireless Bluetooth speaker head will be available post August 27th for $50. If you were wondering about any R2-D2-ness left in it, well, it is said that the speaker recreates some movie sounds when it is kicked into life.

[Available at – Thinkgeek Via – Slashgear]