This is the first book ordered by a customer on Amazon

This is an interesting piece of history. The buyer of the first book on Amazon has responded to a question on Quora along with an image on his experience with

Hey there, John Wainwright here. I think I’m the customer mentioned in the other answers, I did indeed buy Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts on April 3rd, 1995 (it’s still in my order history listing!). I’d heard that I might be the first non-employee customer, but could not get it confirmed. One thing that is uncertain is the beta vs. public timing. I was definitely on the beta test, and April 3rd, 1995 seems to be earlier than the opening date, which I think was in July of that year. […]

I think I ordered the book over a T-1 connection at work, I was working at Kaleida Labs, the Apple/IBM joint venture, at the time.