This Santa Claus of a machine prints the toys kids want on-demand

ThingMaker (1)
Back in the day when we really wanted a toy, irrespective of its value, we’d have to wait for Christmas. The odd begging and pleading would ensue and in some cases a few subtle hints would be enough. But then the world changed and we entered an age where millennials are grown adults and the magic of 3D printing has been discovered. As a result, kids these days have a Mattel’s ThingMaker at their disposal to help children ‘create their own toys’. (Yes, you can read that twice). Users are given a few blueprints to help them design quickly. Armed with a number of safety features the toy-maker aims for kids above 12 years of age. The ThingMaker is up for pre-orders but will not be shipping anytime soon.

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If the word ThingMaker rang a bell then it may be because you have heard about it. The concept of customized toys dates back to the 1960s when children could create their toys in a more simplistic manner, by pouring liquid plastic into metal molds.
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[ Via : Theverge ]