Tokyo Disneyland Gives Sneak Preview of New Beauty and the Beast Attraction Set to open in spring 2020

Operator of the Tokyo Disney Resort Oriental Land Co, on Thursday gave reporters a sneak peak of a new Beauty and the Beast attraction under construction that is set to open in spring 2020. Beauty and the Beast theme park at Tokyo Disneyland occupy around 4.7 hectares. The park is based on the beast’s castle, with towers measuring up to 33 meters high. It will be the second-tallest facility after the park’s iconic 51-meter-high Cinderella Castle.

In the castle, seats in the bowl-shaped rides move to music from the movie so riders feel like they are dancing. In the new area, an indoor theater and a riding attraction based on the movie Baymax are also under construction. Oriental Land Co is paying close attention to the minute details so as the visitors to feel that they are really in the world of Disney. Oriental Land is to invest approximately ¥75 billion ($664 million) in the development of this ambitious project. This is the largest sum company is spending since opening the Disneyland park in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, in 1983.