Top 20 Gadgets and Gizmos from CES 2015

top-20-cesCES (Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the most exciting events of the year for tech enthusiasts, innovators, developers and manufacturers. It kicks off each New Year with the bright hope of something new and enthralling. CES 2015 was no less. It’s always a pleasure covering the event as well as just reading up on all the new tech that makes a debut in Las Vegas, and while pretty much everything we read about is quite exciting, a few innovations tend to stand out in our minds as just a little more interesting than the rest. So without further ado, here are 20 announcements made at CES 2015 that really got us salivating.

Mobile Phones
Although there were plenty of smartphones announced, unveiled and showcased at the Las Vegas event we’ve chosen two handsets that we believe could be big hits –

lg-flex2The LG G Flex 2 that features a curved display with all the features you’d expect from an updated edition including faster “healing” capabilities for the rear panel and plenty of new Gesture Based functionality.

saygus-v2Saygus V2 smartphone packs in all the high-end goodies to enable the handset to be as versatile as possible. It also includes built-in root access and support for up to 320GB of storage.