Toshiba Dynaro is the first direct methanol fuel cell for portable gizmos

Here’s a fantastic news for those who always run out of juice. Toshiba have announced the Dynaro, it is the first dynamo fuel cell that will power up portable gizmos. This cool Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) has a fuel cartridge that takes a mere 20 seconds to fill up. Once the 14 ml tank is full of methanol solution, it get’s its super-gizmo powers that can charge up USB devices. It can pump up enough power to charge two cell phones.

As a start, Toshiba will produce 3,000 units of the Dynaro for 29,800 Yen (~over $328). If it receives a good response from users then we can expect it to be on a roll soon. I remember another such fuel charger we had seen earlier from Hitachi.