Toyota Cars can now talk to your phone thanks to this new Bluetooth device

What good does having you car navigation system and phone communicate mean for you? Well remember that Toyota has G-book system in its cars. This is similar to General Motors’ OnStar system, similar but Toyota’s system is vastly superior. G-Book Alpha is capable of calling an ambulance when an air bag opens, playing karaoke songs, and sending a mobile phone message when a car door is left unlocked. While there was a telecommunications chip embedded in the car, the user could only use a particular service that Toyota had tied up with. Users who preferred using their own cellular service provder had to conect the car and phone with a wire. Basically this bluetooth device works on the same concept but makes it go wireless. The Bluetooth link gets activated as soon as the car is switched on.

This also means that Toyota will soon be offering the service soon in North America and Europe. One of the main challenges for Japan’s big three in bringing telematics to North America is finding a communications system that is inexpensive but still offers near-ubiquitous coverage. It has approximate dimensions of 42x42x15 mm. Via Phoneyworld