Trains in Tokyo get light sabers for hand rails

If George Lucas is adding the crowning jewel to your Blu-Ray DVD collection, the promotion campaign has to be larger than life. Couple of days back, we spoke of their star-studded celebration in London where the BT tower was converted into the world’s largest light saber. After this, Japan got its official launch last week where Fox Home entertainment stunned fans with their uber cool promo campaign on Tokyo’s trains. The hand rails on the train have been turned into life size light sabers which light up by means of a small switch. So whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, you’d still notice it and quietly applaud the brain behind this idea.

Rumor has it that George Lucas was shown this idea and he liked it. But we still don’t have a name for the think tank behind this one. This kind of campaign certainly is a win-win situation for both the government and the advertiser. It looks like a really good revenue-generating model for the rail authorities and Fox Home Entertainment caters better to the heart of the Star Wars fans. If you have a video of this in action then please share with us.