TRON-inspired living solutions showcased at Milan Design Week 2011

A highlight at the Milan Design Week 2011 was the DuPont presented ‘TRON designs Corian’, an out-of-this-world-inspired exhibition of living solutions designed on the influences of Walt Disney Studios’ movie ‘TRON: legacy’. The project entitled ‘Safe House’ is a collaboration of various designers who were chosen to address and design various spaces within a home including the bathroom and wellness space, living room, bedrooms, outdoors, home theatre areas and the kitchen and dining.

Italian-based studio Aquilialberg, by Laura Aquili and Ergian Alberg, teamed up with kitchen manufacturer Ernestomeda for their contribution to design the kitchen and dining area of the ‘Safe House’. The space features an island workspace that incorporates a high-tech electroluminescent light film by the company Light Tape.
For the bedroom, Italian designer Ilaria Marelli creates a space entitled ‘Capo d’Opera’, using layered Corian in a topographical way.
The bathroom and wellness area will feature striking Jacuzzi, bathing areas and mirrors also made from Corian and that take the shape of large circular forms, emulating the discs of TRON. This space has been conceived by Milan-based Marco Piva architectural and design studio.
The living room will largely focus on Giulio Cappellini’s ‘home theatre area’ which will come with its unique ‘TRON armchair’ designed by New York-based Dror Benshetrit. While furnishing company Lago, with design contributions from Shai Akram, Jordi Canudas, Andrew Haythornthwaite and Lagostudio, will make up the rest of the minimalist furniture in the living area.
Lastly, the outdoor space will feature sun beds by TAO esterno, conceived by Setsu and Shinobu Ito of Milan-based studio Ito design.
I bet it’s like coming back home, for all those Tron fans out there.
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