True Fit IAlert seats with smartphone integration keep the baby safe at the backseat

Parents need to constantly monitor their babies, any slippage can create a potentially dangerous situation. Things get further unsafe when the young ones need a car ride. Tomy has come up with a baby car seat that’ll help parents tackle these situations safely. The newly launched smart car seat for babies by Tomy can be connected with a smartphone with the help of and app (Compatible with Android and iOS) which will feed the parents with vital safety information.

The seat which has been named ‘True Fit IAlert’ will help the parent concentrate on the road and not get distracted by the baby at the backseat. Alerts will trigger off on the paired smartphone the moment it senses any pre-set danger. It’s capable of monitoring the angle of the seat. It can sense if the baby slips out of it and even buzzes if the buckles aren’t fastened correctly. It’ll also tell if the temperate is favorable for the baby or not. Check out the video of True Fit IAlert in action.

[Via – Autoblog]