United Airlines’ wing modifications could help the airliner save $200 million annually

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve had a stroke of inspiration and innovation and ended wondering why we’ve never thought of it all before. The entire aviation industry seems to be experiencing a phenomenon as such with the recent showcasing of a simple development that could help save aircraft carriers around the world millions of dollars per year. United Airlines has recently begun installing winglets on the wings of its aircraft that are said to help increase the fuel efficiency of these planes substantially.

These winglets are said to aid air-flow resulting in lesser power requirements. This in turn helps the plane consume less fuel as compared to conventional aircraft with regular wings. The extension will help the airline save up to $200 million annually. Also, installing these winglets isn’t really expensive and is a simple modification requiring just the installation costs and once-in-a-while maintenance. And that’s not all! United Airlines has also joined hands with Aviation Partners Boeing for a highly advanced Scimitar design that will improve fuel efficiency by 1.8 percent. The carrier’s current Boeing 737 fleet will be upgraded with these modifications if the tests show favorable results by 2014.


[Via – Inhabitat]