USB Powered Air conditioned clothes

We have USB powered Beverage coolers, gloves, slippers and what not here is a something really unique, USB powered powered air conditioned clothes. Everyone actually does have a natural air conditioner which is sweating and the air conditioned clothes are designed to give that mechanism a shot in the arm. The clothes have two 10 centimeter fans located at right and left sides at the back of clothing at waist level. These fans draw in a large amount of air which helps to vapourize thus dissipating sweat and bringing down the wearers body temprature. The clothing comes with a switch to adjust the fan speed. Just connect your shirt to the USB port and be cool.

Other than USB the shirt is powered by four AA batteries or your car’s cigars socket. This ingenious idea is the brain child of Kouzi Ichigaya an ex Sony technician. At present half sleeve shirts for men and women are available with this unique system in Japan.

8 responses to “USB Powered Air conditioned clothes”

  1. Where can i get something to put on or over my head to keep me cool without seating in 90 degree weather all day and night while working hard outdoors through out the day and feel cool without swaeting

  2. I heard theres a work jacket available also. I need to know where to buy one!If it works good this thing would be priceless to me, Im a flat roofer and stand on 160 degree tar roofs all day

  3. I heard about your air conditioned clothing on Fox 5 in Las Vegas-More show. I would like to get more information. Please E-mail me info on how to order and get the full line of products.