Using Instagram isn’t hip in this San Francisco Coffee Shop

There are rules and then there are ‘rules?’. Instagram has always been hyped up because it brings out the image editing/digital artist in every Roger with a smartphone. So, it’s evident that this ‘cool’ software has been used to misinterpret and shroud the real picture, many a times. Seeing the larger picture, the real reason why Four Barrel went on to ban Instagram in their coffee shop isn’t solely because of the geeky philanderers who plan to get naughty with their cameras. They’re aiming to bring the world back to a time where coffee shops were excuses to read a book or chat up a fresh date. Away with the geeks? Outrageous some may say. We concede to the fact that there may be an deep underlying meaning in the messaging.

Now then, even Four Barrels with all their determined endeavor aren’t able to reduce the tech-ness about their joint. The outer seating space is where the so called ban is imposed. Inside, they’ve played hypocrites and introduced Wi-Fi and the likes. Take it all with a pinch of ‘hmph’.