Vaavud Wind Meter turns your smartphone into a wind clairvoyant!

Now, you don’t need to suck your thumb and stick it in the air, every time you need to figure out the direction and intensity of the wind. Instead, you can now resort to a more technology-packed way in doing so, by using your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone! Behold, the Vaavud Wind Meter. A smartphone accessory that attaches to your device to measure the wind, this one’s capable of taking wind speed measurements and also recognizes wind direction patterns. All you need to do is plug the Vaavud Wind Meter into your smartphone, be it an iOS device or an Android, and the little wind meter begins doing its job, with precision and reliability

The Vaavud Wind Meter is a great tool on an outdoor trip, enabling you to predict weather conditions, if you understand wind patterns that is. Also, this one makes sure you pick out just the right surf gear or the right time to set sail. Plug in the Vaavud and keep an eye on the wind on the go!

[Via – The-Gadget-Flow]