VapeCube, a modified gaming console that you can smoke

Smoking’s out, vaping’s in! (click here to check out the most advanced vaporizer in the market). After all, who needs a cloud of disgusting smoke squeezing the life out of your lungs every time you take a puff, right? So, the world has begun enjoying vapors instead of nicotine packed cigarettes and the trend seems to be quickly catching on, so much, that a bunch of extremely talented and visionary geeks from Nebula came up with this shockingly fantastic hack, a GameCube console that is modified into a vapor hookah of sorts, complete with four pipes for your pals and you to enjoy a little flavored vapor!

Called the VapeCube, a clever mashup of the GameCube and vapor, obviously, this device makes sure you enjoy a puff of vapor without damaging your lungs. Available in two versions, a wired VapeCube and a wireless device, just in case you decide to get onto your feet and walk around your crib as you enjoy your vapor, the device seems to be a pretty great addition to just about any geeky house party! While the regular wired version will cost you about $199, the wireless version comes with a price tag of about $249 and works on batteries. Also, the VapeCube does not come with e-liquids included and you will need to pick these up separately.

[Via – Ubergizmo]