Vending machines to target 50 – 60 year old women in Japan

Take a walk in any Tokyo suburb and you will be sure to come across 7/11 stores, vending machines, and Gashapons. Though Gashapons are not exactly vending machines they do work on the same logic, put in money and it dispenses goods, except that you dont know what you would be getting. Gashapon machines are themed, for eg – A Super Mario Gashapon will dispense Mario collectibles but its on your luck of what do you get. Bandai which has been making these machines since 1977 will now be targeting older women by offering handkerchief featuring traditional Japanese Kabuki prints.

Each of the six brightly colored handkerchiefs will be neatly packed in capsules and can be yours for 300 Yen each.


[Via – Bandai (Japanese – PDF)]