Verizon May Offer Unlimited Data Plan for iPhone Subscribers

AT&T doesn’t offer unlimited plans to its new iPhone subscribers. It would have been unnatural for another telecom player to not benefit out of this. But Verizon quickly hopped in and is rumored to announce that iPhone will soon be paired up with its existing unlimited data plans.

If this does happen, we’d see a lot of people switching for AT&T to Verizon. Apart from this, the voice plans of both the companies have remained more or less same but for some regional differences. Verizon offers unlimited data plan for $30 per month with another 30$ for tethering the handset with mobile 3G. You got to add another $15/month for using a smartphone with an Exchange server. AT&T will have act agile and watch for any such announcement by Verizon otherwise that could lead to a serious drop in their market share.