Virgin’s new gaming module will help players earn

This time at E3 we have seen an old player pull up his socks and make way for the gamer in him to step out. Sir Richard Branson came in flanked by a truck that was loaded with a million dollars in cash and a hope in his heart to give Virgin Gaming a chance to host some of ‘the’ biggest gaming tournaments. The cash pay-outs of these would total up to a meaty one million. The games in question would include popular titles like Fifa 2010, Halo 3 and Madden.

The president of the company, Billy Levy says, “Gaming is very competitive by nature, and competition is always more exciting when there’s something on the line. There are plenty of tournament leagues out there for the pros, but we created Virgin Gaming as a platform for all gamers to have the experience of playing each other with more at stake than just pride.”