Volkswagen iBeetle may soon be your biggest iPhone accessory

There are those who want their phones to work withing their car. And then there are the others who’d like buying a car just because it offers some amazing compatibility with their favorite smartphone. The Volkswagen iBeetle is one such instance. The car will offer compatibility with the iOS operating system. The iBeetle will make an appearance at the Shanghai Motor Show. The company confidently positions it as one of the “first cars in the world to have a genuine integrative interface for the iPhone that was coordinated with Apple.” This means that the car will offer more than the usual docking station on its dashboard and the customary application. Whatever the iBeetle’s dedicated chamber for the dock, we expect a little more flexibility. This is because Apple are quite well-versed when it comes to shuffling between model sizes.

The iBeetle will also come with special “Disc” wheels and iPhone-matching color schemes. It is expected to ship to the US by 2014.



[Via – Autoblog]