Vstone Tichno a robot that plays football and cheers the crowd too

VStone Japan has unveiled the Tichno a 130 cm tall two legged robot. Weighing in at 26 kgs the robot is equipped with two and three axis accelerometers gyros. The frame is made from aluminum, carbon materials and ABS resin which make it lightweight yet strong. The Tichno has joints in the neck, arm and waist which are powered by two servomotors. The unit is powered by a couple of 14.4 volt 7200 mAh batteries. Vstone has priced this baby at 10,000,000 Yen ($ 100,000) which will obviously have a very few takers so the company plans to rent it out at 150,000 Yen ($ 1500).
(More images and a video of Tichno trying to save a goal after the jump)