Walking Chair, the spider-legged chair for the disabled

Wheelchairs have their limitations, making a few places pretty inaccessible to the mobility-impaired folks. Martin Harris, a design student, recently came up with what he calls the Walking Chair, a wheelchair that kicks its wheels away, instead opting for its own set of legs, enabling it to literally walk around. The Walking Chair, unlike wheelchairs, can climb up slopes and step over obstacles and also can walk around efficiently on sand with its spider-like legs. Using 216 separate pieces strategically hooked on to a chair, the 21-year-old’s invention is said to work just like a conventional wheelchair, only more accessible.

With a 4mph speed limit, this one is compact and can be efficiently used indoors as well as outdoors, for which it was primarily designed, allowing users to go just about anywhere their wheelchairs would simply refuse to.