Water Map, the basin that replicates the London street map

There are a few household essentials that we’ve seen being turned into pieces of art before. On previous account, we’ve come across some pretty mind-boggling designs including the Emperor 1510, a computer chair packed with enough technology to make an average geek blush and the Moneual Touch Table, a piece of furniture that also takes your orders and pays your bills, besides working as an innocent table. What we’ve got here this time around is a design by Ukraine-based designer Julia Kononenko. From the pictures, you probably might have guessed it to be a whacky water basin, which it is, in all essence!

Called the Water Map, the basin is made from wood. This wood is neatly cut to replicate the shape of a London street map. By viewing this basin from above, one can easily figure out the bird’s eye view of the city. When the faucet is switched on, the grooves fill with water, giving the impression of a flooded London, making this concept somewhat Armageddon-esque and completely fabulous!


[Via – Laughingsquid]