Water-Based Email Filter System

If you don’t have enough clutter on your desk already, you may wish to invest in a water-based, color-coded email filter. Go With The Flow was designed by Dean McNamee and Filippo Cuttica whilst they were students at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. They claim that the concept helps people working from home better divide their personal and work lives by creating a liquid membrane instead of a solid barrier. Err? Excuse me? Go With the Flow allows you to differentiate between the types of emails invading your inbox via different colored tubes of water. The amount of water in the tubes represents the amount of email from family, friends and of course, work. You can also set the water levels to determine the level of emails you receive from each. So, if you don’t want to receive emails from your friends and family while at work, you just shut off the respective valves. When you’re off work, you just twist the control to allow the emails from friends and family to literally flow in.

Looks more like a potential dust collecting office gizmo to me.