Windows Phone 7 vs Iphone – Home screen and multi tasking

The above video shows the differences between the iPhone and the WIndows Phone 7 interface.
When it comes to the basic interface, Apple and Microsoft have entirely separate philosophies for their mobile operating system.
The iPhone is entirely app-centric: The home screen can contain shortcuts only to applications (including games) and Web bookmarks. And, often, tasks like browsing friends must be done through multiple apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Contacts and more.
Windows Phone 7, on the contrary, is more task-centric. Users will be able to “pin” not just apps and games to their home screens, but also shortcuts to certain contacts, map locations, websites and “hubs.” These hubs aim to consolidate tasks that may require multiple apps on the iPhone into one place — for instance, the People hub incorporates in-phone contact information, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live and other social networks.