Work out as you clean up with the AirRam Vacuum Cleaner

It’s good to have an incentive to working. I for instance, love mowing the lawn because of the immense workout it gives my arms. So saying, we have a new means of working out and being eco-friendly, all with the cool AirRam Vacuum Cleaner. This high performance appliance uses only 100W of power, thanks to a 22V Li-ion rechargeable battery. It comes with a cool tracker that helps you count calories that you have burned. The AirRam also happens to employ an innovative bagless system that stores the debris on the vacuum head, thus causing the dirt to travel only a short distance and keeping clogs at bay. There’s a fair bit of smartness too. The cleaner makes use of a unique Data Bridge that allows your computer to communicate with the vacuum’s onboard system via USB. This helps you calculate the electricity that you have saved, check the condition of the F.U.E.L. (Fully Utilized Efficient Lithium) system, and also keep a track of how many calories you have burned.

The AirRam Vacuum Cleaner weighs a mere 7.7 pounds. The included push arm folds flat to the floor that makes it easier to clean under furniture and in tricky corners. This would set you back £199 ($303). Well, what did you expect?





[Via – Inhabitat]