World’s Biggest Hanfree iPad Stand Wants To Hit Commercial Production, Scours For Funding

I am not a huge Apple Fan but somehow this Hanfree iPad stand did get me interested. To some it might just look like an outlandish accessory but the way I see it this is like a nice way of having your media center on the bed without the need to hold it. This stand has a boomerang-shaped base and a long bent stalk which holds your iPad case by way of an articulating joint. You have your tablet suspended in front of you while you’re on the bed or couch. You could simply station this in your kitchen space or wherever and have some company while you do your chores.

The size is a bit of let down here for it can’t be folded and tucked away in some corner. The designers of this iPad stand don’t have enough dough for the initial investment yet. It is expected to hit the production mills once they have $15,000 in their stash. No word on expected pricing.