World’s Biggest Pac-Man goes on the internet

If you’re a Pac-Man fan, fire-up – here’s a real game. The world’s biggest Pac-Man is now on the internet. Created by Soap Creative to show of the HTML5 capabilities of Internet Explorer 9, the massive map is made up of thousands of interconnected Pac-Man mazes. So you move from one maze to another and might take a couple of months, years to actually get through them all power pills and ghosts. The game is linked to a global stats board and can track the total number of dots eaten (currently at over 51 million), lives lost (over 249k), ghosts eaten (over 550k), as well as the number of mazes played and created. That being an added feature, where you can create your own mazes and contribute them to the world map, which means, there is no real end to the game. Each maze maintains its own stats and bookmark-able URL too.

You also have the choice of playing the game Firefox 4, Chrome 10 and Safari 5 too. We recommend you get started right away!