WorldTracker SMS real time tracking

So you need to know the whereabouts of your girlfriend, or an addition to your Spy Kit. The WorldTracker SMS by Security Concepts is a tiny GPS device small with a triband GSM module which sends device’s coordinates via SMS to as many as seven cell phones or PDA’s. Not impressed still, it can also integrate with Google Earth to provide Photo location within 3 meters of the tracking device. It also has Parking and Anti Theft function which will alert you via SMS if you car has moved over 100 meters. It can also be programmed via SMS commands so you can activate the tracking feature in case you car is stolen. It can he hardwired to any 12 volt power source. It’s battery lasts for 24 hours and with the backup battery you get 4 days of power.

Pricing starts at $ 600 (SMS charges extra)
Via – Gadgetreview and Gearlive