Yamaha TLF Speaker is slim and bendable

Some would wonder what inspired Yamaha to name their amazing new speaker as Thin-Light-Flexible (TLF). The simplicity in nomenclature can then extend to the discovery of a number of ideas and possibilities that the amazing speaker can enable. It offers an amplifier module as well as MP3 playback function and is as bendable as a poster. This means that you could place it on uneven surfaces and it shall fall gracefully in shape. The so-called TLF fabric has a speaker under it that vibrates and projects sound that is soft, yet audible both near and far from the speaker. It works well in places where loud noises are not tolerated or allowed.

Accompanying this is the TLF amplifier module that goes with the name of “TLF-AM2″, which supports MP3 playback function. The 165mm × 27mm × 88mm contraptions weighs 220 grams and also offers an SD card slot.