iLuv i604 Battery Boosts iPod Video Battery Life to 55 hours

Without doubt the iPod 5G Video is a huge hit it comes in 30GB and 60GB varaints which allow you to store all your favourite videos and songs. But the 5G’s battery life is pathetic it provides continuous playback for only 2 hours. iLov an iPod accessory manufacturer can boost your iPod’s battery life dramatically attached to the bottom of the iPod. The i603 can extend the battery life to 42 hours, and the i604 can extend the battery life to up to 55 hours. The batteries comes with a silicon skin cover to protect your precious iPod from scratches.

There are two models available from iLuv, i603 which extends the battery life to 42 hours and i604 which extends to 55 hours. They each retail for $84.95.